Lolita Wardobe 2021


Another year means another wardrobe post! Since there are a lot of images, I will try to let you enjoy them by writing fewer words. 

Angelic Pretty A La Carte Tea Time JSK

I originally wanted the white colorway of this dress but I like this colorway better now. 

Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate Mini Sleeve OP

This dress is very old and the age is starting to show. I would buy a rerelease. 

Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival Tiered JSK

I wear this dress the least because it still feels relatively fancy even without the overlay. 

Angelic Pretty Dessert Collection JSK

I am thinking of getting this dress altered in the future. It is an underrated velveteen print. 

Angelic Pretty Lacy Princess JSK

I wear this the most. Missing a ribbon at the top. 

Angelic Pretty Practice JSK

I love wearing this on cold days. It is comfy and warm. 

Angelic Pretty Dramatic Rose JSK

No matter how many times I look at it, I can't get over how beautiful it is. 

Angelic Pretty Lovely Bunny JSK

I lovingly refer to this dress as bunny pockets.

Star Linguistics 星间海帆 OP

I used the ribbon from the matching sailor hat here and I think it looks better than the original small ribbon.

Heather & Iris OP

This dress gets mostly used as a blouse these days.

Nuit de Cellophane JSK

I have to be careful when washing this dress because of the velvet ribbons. Already had to repair it twice.

Wheat House 格纹喵喵 JSK

The cats on this are so fluffy! I keep the matching rosette on the dress at all times.

Little Dipper 摘星猫 OP

It's hard to see but there's cat embroidery on the collar, making this yet another cat dress.

Cute Q Kitty Laundry

The theme is so perfect for what I want to say. Please wash your clothes.

Angelic Pretty Cinema Doll

I need to wear this more often, as I keep forgetting I own it.

Angelic Pretty Cat Tea Party

I wore this to an online meet recently and want to wear it more often. It is machine washable.

Angelic Pretty Dolly Cat

It's so pink and cute and I want to find ways to tone it down.

Angelic Pretty Fleur Cat

I wore this dress so much because it is easy to wear. The color scheme is great.

Angelic Pretty Princess Cat

When I want to wear a pink print but also pair it with black, this is my go to dress.

Angelic Pretty Romantic Cat

To me, this print is just a cat version of Romantic Rose Letter.

Metamorphose Temps de Fille Kitten and Tulip

This was my first purchase from Meta. Tulips are harmful to cats, so I wonder what Meta was thinking.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Millefeuille

I'm happy that I finally found this dress in my preferred colorway.

Angelic Pretty Secret Rose Princess Skirt, Angelic Pretty Stella Skirt

Since work from home, these skirts haven't seen much use. I prefer working at home in dresses.

From here on, I will mainly just list the brand of the item since I can't remember the exact names of all the items.

Angelic Pretty, Chocolate Skirt (handmade by comm member)

Alice Girl, Dear Celine

Little Fairy Tale, A. Sylvia

Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty, Little Fairy Tale

I paid a lot for the AP blouse, but it is basically the perfect generic blouse. It has back shirring.

The Little Fairy Tale blouse has detachable bunny ears on the collar!

Cheval de Bois, Angelic Pretty

They both use the same lace on the sleeves and collars.

Cat Tea Party, 没烦恼很幸福, Angelic Pretty

The middle cardigan has sleeves that are a bit too short. It is not sold anymore on the shop.

Little Dipper

These are the comfiest and cheapest cardigans ever.

Angelic Pretty Babydoll Coat, Angelic Pretty Rainy Marianne Coat

The rain coat's left sleeve is sewn incorrectly. AP can have quality issues.

Whale Island

Mu Fish/Lovely Lota, Eternity花笺, Angelic Pretty, Morning Glory

Some straps/detachable parts are not included in these pictures. Most of my bags are crossbody.

The strawberry cat bag came in a cute box.

Berry Q, Angelic Pretty

I used to not like this AP bag, but it grew on me so I bought one. There's no replicas of this colorway.

Sweet Dreamer

Star Linguistics, Wheat House, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Red Maria, 她们的故饰会 (altered)

For the straw hat, I removed the candies on it and rearranged the bunnies.

Angelic Pretty, Forever 21, Sweet Dreamer

Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Maid, Forever 21, Cute Q, Metamorphose Temps de Fille

For my smaller accessories and jewelry, I won't include everything because it would take too much time.

Left 2 necklaces are from I-Sweet (in collaboration with Dolls Party). Right necklace is from L. Hanajiki.

Star charm bracelet is from I-Sweet. Top 2 bow rings are from Cat Tea Party. Bottom 2 bow rings are from Alice in Halloween. Top bunny ring is from L. Hanajiki, Middle bunny ring is from Dreamy Planet, Bottom ring is from Wheat House

Pearl bracelets are offbrand.

Sakura hairpin is from Alice in Halloween. Shooting star clips are from Daiso.

Bunny hairclip is from NANACO. All the rings on the right are from Alice in Halloween.

Rest is offbrand. All the gold star clips were free gifts.

Sleep Doll, Diamond Honey, Red Maria, Roji Roji, Void Gravity, Waguir x 2, Roji Roji, offbrand, Wheat House (in packaging)

Yukines Box, Roji Roji, 呜啦啦喵, Roji Roji, Sweet Migo x 2, Red Maria, Sleep Doll, XHL Lolita x 2

Angelic Pretty x 6, Roji Roji, Red Maria, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Roji Roji

Yes, I have many pink and ivory socks.

Seven Dream, In My Name

In person, these shoes are almost the same color. I love the little cat ears on the Seven Dream shoes.

Bodyline, Seven Dream

The white pair of Seven Dream shoes here are an older release so the toe shape is different than the pink one.

路小曼, Eternity花笺

The Eternity shoes have another pair of shoe clips not included here.

Bodyline (bought from Taobao), G1636 Lolita (altered to remove charms)

The shoes below are ones that I will continue wearing until they destroyed, so they will not go to waste. I'm not a fan of these types of design replica shoes anymore. Boots are from Sosic Shop.

Tote bag is from the Angelic Pretty mook a few years ago. Bunny ear pouch is from Little Plum. Belle Ange wristcuffs and Cat Tea Party choker are from Angelic Pretty. White wristcuffs and strawberry wristcuffs are from Bodyline. Bunny ear wristcuffs are from Yukines Box.

It's always hard to take photos at this time of year when there is barely any daylight during the day, so I hope they look at least okay.

I am also waiting for these items, which are either in the mail or are on reservation:

Out of the upcoming AP's rereleases this year I think I will try to get Sugary Carnival and Nakayoshi Bunny. I am excited for the rerelease of the infamous bunny ear bonnet.

Thank you for looking!