Ultimate Lolita Fashion Quiz: Random Encounters


What is your favorite response to randoms asking why you are dressed up?

I tell them that it's just my clothes. Nothing special. No long explanation of lolita or jfashion. 

"Are you a dancer?" "No, these are just my clothes."
"Are you going to a party?" "No, these are just my clothes."
"Is there an event?" "No, these are just my clothes."

What's your favorite compliment from a stranger?

I've only had compliments where strangers liked my outfit or that I was pretty. I can't say I have a favourite since it's all pretty similar.

What has been the strangest reaction from a member of the public?

At a casual mall meet, a stranger shouted 'PRETTY LADIES' or something similar to that from afar in a loud voice. I can't remember the exact words. It was very weird. I think the next time I went to the mall to get some groceries with my SO, someone with a very similar voice shouted 'WEDDING DRESS' at me. I wonder if it was the same person.

How do you deal with strangers that make you uncomfortable?

I pretend I don't hear them or that I don't know English. It works most of the time. The only time it didn't was when someone kept following me to ask me for a picture and I wasn't even wearing full lolita, just a few lolita items.

Do you allow strangers to take pictures of you?

In a group, yes. When I'm alone, no. I don't want to ruin the mood by stepping aside from group photos where everyone else has consented to have a photo taken. I don't like strangers taking photos of me in general. I think that's a good compromise, even though there must be a ton of unflattering photos of me somewhere in the world that I'll never see. If people somehow stumble upon those photos and use it to say snarky things about me, that's fine I guess.

Ultimate Lolita Fashion Quiz: Meetups


What was the first meet you attended?

I joined the local community mostly so I could get access to sales and swap meets. So of course, the first one I attended was a swap meet! It was really magical seeing so many items in person when I was only used to seeing whatever items I had bought myself.

Do you prefer a large comm or a smaller, more tight knit comm?

A smaller one is always better. It's better to get to know people more personally.

Do you participate in lolita communities in languages other than your native one? 

I wish my Chinese was more fluent so I could participate in Chinese communities. When I say Chinese, I really mean Mandarin and simplified Chinese. My first language is actually Cantonese although I'm not fluent in that either.

I'm just an outsider who follows accounts on Weibo so I can keep up with Chinese brand updates. I've picked up some of the terms Chinese lolitas use, so that's a start! Maybe I'll write another blog post about that once I think I've got enough terms to translate. First thing you should know is that a person who wears lolita is called lo娘. Google Translate English translates this to 'lo mother'.

How has your comm changed since you've joined the fashion?

I haven't really been paying much attention to notice any changes. I think by the time I joined, many of the older members were less active.

What is your goto meetup spot?

I don't think there's any one place in the city that's a goto spot. There are just so many options out there.

What is your dream meetup?

My dream would be to organize a really fancy tea party and fashion show. Can you imagine one of those fancy Angelic Pretty tea parties in Shanghai? I want something like that, but here in Canada. 

What's the farthest you've traveled for a meetup?

I've only gone to meetups in the same city or surrounding areas. The farthest would have been about a 1.5 hour trip each way on public transit.

What's a meetup you got planned for when gatherings are safe?

We had planned a spring picnic under the cherry blossoms but that got delayed because of the current pandemic situation. I hope we can turn that into a summer picnic if things get better here. I really wanted to make a cute dessert perfect for photos.

What's the weirdest thing that happened at a meetup?

I don't recall anything weird happening. Then again, I hardly go to meetups.

What's the weirdest or funniest concrit you have gotten? What is the best concrit you have received?

Combining these two questions together. I don't post myself online to get concrit nor do I ask for any in person. So unfortunately this question doesn't really apply to me. If I wear a coord that I know isn't great, I just wear different things next time.