Ultimate Lolita Fashion Quiz: Shopping


What is your dream piece?

I think I have dream piece(s) rather than a singular dream piece. I've acquired most of them already, including the ever so overrated Cat's Tea Party. One that I acquired early on in my lolita wearing history is Day Day Dream Carnival. Although I love cats, this one is still really precious to me.

Where do you buy most of your wardrobe from? (i e: lacemarket, direct from brands, etc)

Most of my wardrobe likely comes from Closet Child. I subscribe to their newsletter so I know when it gets updated everyday (and I'm still too late most of the time!). I want to start buying more items new directly from the brands. Supporting brands is such a nice feeling!

What was your best purchase?

My parasol(s). I use them all the time both in and outside of lolita. I use the black one a lot for rainy weather and while there is some wear and tear it still works really great!

What was your worst purchasing experience?

Buying a dress that is supposed to be new, but finding armpit stains on it and not being able to do anything about it because it was bought off a Japanese secondhand website. :(

What's the most expensive piece in your wardrobe? 

It is obviously Cat's Tea Party. But other than Cat's Tea Party? The Kitten & Tulip JSK from Meta. Along with the matching hair accessory, shipping, and customs, it cost nearly as much as Cat's Tea Party. It's really pretty when worn and I really wanted to support Meta, so it was completely worth it. Also, cats! But Meta, did you not know that tulips were toxic to cats when you designed this?

What's the best bargain brand that you own?

I got the Angelic Pretty A La Carte Tea Time JSK + Headbow + Boston Bag for under 8,000yen (not including shipping or shopping service fees). The only defect was a missing waist tie button, which was fixed by using the spare one on the tag.

What is the most interesting way you've acquired a piece in your wardrobe?

There are secondhand clothing shops on Rakuten that sometimes sell lolita. People don't think to check places like that.

Have you ever bought used socks? 

Yes, It was part of a set with an unused pair of socks I really wanted. Supposed to have only been tried on once but I washed it as soon as I got it. Used socks in general are pretty icky to me so I don't like doing it. It's why I put so much effort into looking for different sock options.

What is a dress that you're searching for, but have never seen again since release?

Twinkle Mermaid! At least, in the colorway I want. I was too young at the time of release to be able to buy things online. But I don't see it anywhere now. This ad for it from the GLB inspired younger me so much.

Has your coord ever been ruined by an incorrect stock picture, either in product itself or in colour?

Yes, of course! Have you ever tried matching ivory items when the stock pictures like to have a warm tinted filter on them? This is a new different hell compared to matching AP pinks.

What is something you regret buying?

Design replica shoes. I know that they aren't technically illegal, but if I were to attend a large event with the brand present, I would not want to wear those shoes. Since I fit into the range all shoe brands offer, I am lucky enough that I have unlimited options to get original design lolita shoes.

Have you ever bought a dress you knew a friend or comm member wanted to buy?

Nope! Unless they are also a cat-dress chan, the chances of that happening are low.