Ultimate Lolita Fashion Quiz: General Lolita


The Lolita Fashion Discord server is holding an event where we created the ultimate lolita quiz! I'm going to separate my answers into a few blog posts to make it easier to read. First post is general lolita questions.

When did you first see lolita?

I've always been saying that Rozen Maiden and ALI PROJECT introduced me to lolita, but actually, I think I first saw and recognized lolita on TV first? There was a local Chinese channel that had a feature of lolitas in Hong Kong. I feel like it may have been this video linked down below, but I can't be sure since it was so long ago.


What is your favourite lolita memory?

Hmm, I don't think I've been wearing it long enough to say that I have one. I generally wear it do errands and don't to go events or meets that much. Maybe one day!

Have you had any dreams about lolita?

I always dream of shopping for lolita. Sometimes I wake up and realize it was a dream and get sad.

What is the strangest thing you have done in lolita?

My life is really mundane so I haven't done anything out of the ordinary in lolita so far.

Do you match your room with your aesthetic?

Yes, of course! If I'm going to be buying cute things to wear, why not also surround myself with cute things in my room?

Is there such thing as a lolita “lifestyle”?

Yes, I definitely think so! I don't think it means only having lolita related interests. I think of it more as lolita fashion consuming your life. 

Wear other clothes when it's practical. Pursue the hobbies and dreams you want to do even if they are not kawaii. But at the core of it all, enjoy lolita fashion by wearing it and surrounding yourself with it in as many aspects of your life as possible. 

I think this quote by Novala Takemoto describes it well: "A princess is a princess even in a jersey." A lolita that needs to wear a uniform to work to support her lifestyle is still a lolita. 

To me, a lolita lifestyle is more a mindset rather than a strict set of rules for what qualifies as one. For a lolita lifestyle, lolita is what guides the aesthetic decisions a person makes in their life and it is a core part of who they are. This definitely does involves wearing the clothes whenever possible because it is what they want to wear the most. For a non-lolita lifestyle, lolita is just one tiny aspect of it and doesn't become much more than a passing interest in the long run.

Do you listen to "lolita music"?

When I was younger, I definitely used to, but not so much anymore. Ever since discovering Korean variety shows (not dramas), I've been listening to more kpop. I used to remember that I loved ALI PROJECT so much and got super excited when Arika Takarano (main singer) was in the Gothic & Lolita Bible. They are known for their darker songs being used as anime opening songs but I really liked their lighter and softer music.

What is your worst lolita memory?

The time I went out on my birthday weekend and lost the detachable waist bow of my newly acquired AP coat! I wanted to cry for several days and contemplated searching for it days later, even though I went to many places the day I lost it.

You can see there's a missing bow on the waist of this coat. Ahhhhh, the shame!

If you could make any lolita brand could do a collab with any brand, what would that collab be?

Angelic Pretty x Precure

What sort of lolita advice would you give to your younger self?

Just buy JSKs as your first few main pieces and not OPs. They are more forgiving if weight changes happen.