Ultimate Lolita Fashion Quiz: Closet


What is the most popular brand in your wardrobe?

Angelic Pretty! Even my outerwear is Angelic Pretty. Here's a pie chart I made some time ago of my main pieces.

What are the most common motifs in your wardrobe?

Cats! And maybe flowers.

What are some of your dream print ideas?

I'm not a creative person. I just want more cats. Cats and flowers.

What is your favourite accessory?

These rabbit ear muffs from Baby are quite possibly my favourite. I was pining over these for years after first seeing them in a GLB for about 10 years or so and a (non-lolita) friend ended up gifting them to me. The one I have is from the first release so it doesn't look quite so rabbit shaped compared to the newer release. I want to collect all of them!

What is your favourite type of headpiece to wear in lolita?

I really love canotier style handbands but lately I've been getting into using ribbon hair clips. They don't really hurt my head as much as a headband and are perfect for casual coords.

Other than a petticoat, what is an item that every lolita must own?

Bloomers! I think they are really useful. I posted these reasons why on a recent Rufflechat post:

1. They prevent you from flashing people when going up some stairs.
2. They help hold up tights so they don't slide down.
3. They prevent thigh chafing if your thighs rub together when you walk.
4. They add poof to help a dying petticoat.
5. They protect you if a touchy stranger wants to lift up your skirt.

What's your favorite offbrand or indie piece?

It's probably this dress by Wheat House. I love it so much! I know people have had issues with the skirt cut, but I haven't had issues with my JSK.

Do you own more gold or silver jewelry?

Gold. A lot of sweet lolita pieces have gold details so I end up getting more gold jewellery.

What is one lolita "rule" that you like to break?

I like breaking the petticoat rule. For really casual pieces, adding a cotton underskirt and/or a pair of bloomers still gives some structure without the need for a petti.

What's your cheapest coord? What's your most expensive coord?

I guess I never really thought about this. All my clothes get equal treatment regardless of how cheap or expensive the pieces are. I will mix cheap blouses with my more expensive dresses or wear brand blouses with my cheaper dresses. I would like to try both extremes and update this question one day.

How do you launder your dresses?

Machine wash or handwash depending on the garment. Machine washed dresses go into a garment bag to protect it from snagging in the wash. Handwash is for the pieces I'm not certain about. Dry cleaning on the laundry tag is only a suggestion, not a requirement.

Do you think a lolita wardrobe can ever be complete?

Never! There's too many releases and not enough money in the world to ever 'complete' my wardrobe.