Lolita Wardrobe 2020


Another year, another wardrobe post~!

Disclaimer: I am terrible at taking photos! I tried to take wardrobe photos on at least 3 separate occasions and these managed to be the best of what I took that weren't too blurry. That's why the quality/background differs so much.

Angelic Pretty Dramatic Rose JSK
The cleaning tag says dry clean only but I just toss this into the washing machine whenever it needs to be cleaned. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Angelic Pretty Lacey Princess JSK
It's missing the top detachable ribbon, but I still think it's so cute and versatile, even if it wrinkles like crazy.

Angelic Pretty Practice JSK
I treated myself to this JSK after a stressful work week. It's super comfy and ultra flattering! I've worn it so many times this past winter.

Heather & Iris Summer So Cute OP
This photo is a bit misleading, as this dress is actually a sack dress! I've learned that a belt (especially the one that came with this) still won't make a sack dress look flattering on me. It will just over emphasize my massive bust and make the hem line uneven because of how it rides up. I wear this with a buttoned up cardigan to give it some shape.

Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate Mini Sleeve OP
I have a love/hate relationship with this dress. It's so comfy and cute but also super delicate because of its age. No matter how much I steam or iron this dress, it just stays wrinkled.

Little Dipper Cat Reaching for the Stars OP
This is also another dress I love/hate. Did you know that the main material of this dress is polyester? Did you know that it also pills like crazy? The first time I wore this, it already started pilling. No matter how much I remove the pilling, it always comes back. I even had a dream where I removed massive amounts of pilling off this dress. But the cat collar, ahhhh~ It's adorable!

Wheat House Plaid Miao Miao (格纹喵喵)
I wanted this dress so badly that I stayed up waiting for the release time so I could send an order to my SS right away. The top 20 (or was it 10?) that ordered got to have their items delivered before CNY instead of in March. I was able to wear this for a Valentine's Day date~

Angelic Pretty Fleur Cat Special Set
I hated Fleur Cat when I first saw it, but when this special set showed up for a good price, I couldn't resist? It actually looks very cute in this colorway. Unfortunately the way this is cut is not flattering for curvier busts and the lack of a built in petti means it doesn't drape nicely over a petticoat. I have to be very careful how I wear this so it doesn't make me look heavier than I actually am. 

Angelic Pretty Romantic Cat JSK
I hope I can find the matching headbow to complete the set.

Angelic Pretty Dolly Cat JSK
After owning the headbow for over a year, I decided I would use bonus money from work to get the JSK because I was just so desperate to complete the set. It was said to be in new condition, but it arrived with underarm staining. I've tried removing it, but it might need more treatments before it's fully gone. :(

Angelic Pretty Princess Cat JSK
I wore this dress so much last year because it's super easy to coord. The black velvet ribbons have started shedding a little, so I'm worried I might have to replace them in the future.

Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival JSK
Sometimes I like to take this dress out of my closet to admire it. I feel like I should save this for a fancy occasion so I didn't actually wear it out last year. I think I've only worn this out once for a date.

Angelic Pretty Dessert Collection JSK
This dress has been a major wishlist item for the longest time, and I found it on LaceMarket of all places! I still want to collect the bonnet, socks, and necklace for this series. 

Angelic Pretty Cinema Doll JSK
I passed up on getting this through the MTO in favour of Cat's Tea Party even though it was a dream dress, but decided I really wanted it after seeing people get their MTO's delivered. When this popped up on Tokyo Alice shortly after, I felt like I was destined to own this dress.

Angelic Pretty Cats Tea Party JSK Set
It's CTP! I got to wear this out on my birthday weekend last year. I've seen some really weird comments about how the new CTP is polyester and lower quality, and all I can think is... do you even own any AP!? It's cotton, has a built in petti, and can comfortably fit a 98cm bust with a blouse on.

Angelic Pretty Secret Rose Princess Skirt, Angelic Pretty Stella Skirt
Nothing really special about these skirts, except that I still like to wear them to work. 

Chocolate Skirt (handmade by local comm member), Emily Temple Cute Skirt
I got both of these in a recent swap meet. The chocolate skirt was a bit of an impulse purchase because it looked so comfy and I was craving for chocolate items. The ETC skirt was free and I am so grateful! It doesn't fit a petticoat so I'm not sure it can be used with lolita.

Angelic Pretty Babydoll Coat
I lost the waist bow when I wore this out on my birthday weekend. :( Still, my best purchase of 2019! It taught me the power of using dish washing soap to clean out stains. I've used it to clean foundation out of the fur collar when I first got it and black stains out of the bottom of the lace overlay.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Princess Sleeve Back Shirring Blouse
Angelic Pretty Going Out Heart Blouse
Angelic Pretty Blooming Flowers Blouse  
Reusing a photo from last year as I still have all these blouses.

Angelic Pretty Sweet Ribbon Jabot Cutsew, Little Fairy Tale Blouse, A. Sylvia Blouse

Alice Girl Blouse, Dear Celine Summer Blouse 
The ribbons on the Alice Girl blouse perfectly match CTP, so guess what blouse I wore with CTP? I initially bought the blouse to match the JSK of Alice Girl's Photo Frame Cat, but I sold off the JSK when I realized how unflattering it was on me. Blouse stayed because of the perfect color match.

Cat Tea Party Cardigan, Angelic Pretty Cinema Doll Cutsew Cardigan, Offbrand Taobao Cardigan
Same as last year so I reused the photo. Not pictured are H&M cardigans I like using a lot. I want to get more brand cardigans this year. 

Whale Island Parasol x 3
The ivory parasol is new this year. I'm a bit disappointed that the ivory is more like a light yellow than a true ivory but I still love how elegant and pretty it looks.

Sweet Dreamer Berets + Matching Bows
Handmade Detachable Ribbon (the one at the very bottom)

Red Maria Bunny Ears
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Rabbit Ear Muffs
Unknown Hat
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Headdress
Bodyline Wrist Cuffs
Angelic Pretty Belle Ange Wristcuffs
I still haven't worn the bunny ears out yet but I really want to! The Baby earmuffs aren't practical but I still use them anyways.

Angelic Pretty, Sweet Dreamer, Forever 21, etc. etc. 
I can't be bothered to list the name of every one. If you need a name, just ask!

Offbrand, Daiso, Cat Tea Party, Wheat House, etc. etc.
The two bow rings in the top right are from Cat Tea Party. I highly recommend them! The third ring from the top right comes from Wheat House, matching the Plaid Miao Miao series.

My guilty pleasure is offbrand bracelets and rings from Taobao/AliExpress. Sadly they tarnish very easily because while pretty, they are still costume jewelry. The hairpins are from Daiso.

Wheat House, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Red Maria x 2
Diamond Honey, Sheep Puff x 2, Roji Roji
Yidhra Sock Toppers x 2
Not pictured are the lace ankle socks and lace tights that I've worn out and need to replace. I also have a few pairs of socks in the mail so hopefully this section will look less sad next year.

Eternity, Berry Q,
Mu Fish
Sosic Shop, Offbrand, Bodyline (?), G1636
Cotton Candy Feet, Eternity, Offbrand, Seven Dream

And that's it! My wardrobe for the start of 2020. I didn't include 3 of my blouses because I realized they were super worn out and I need to replace them. I also haven't taken a picture of my shoes yet but I will update this when I do! Shoes have been added!

This year, I want to focus more on chocolate items, socks, and cardigans. I also hope that Baby will re-release the Usakumya rucksack so I can get it brand new with tags.

Thank you for reading!