Ultimate Lolita Fashion Quiz: Random Encounters


What is your favorite response to randoms asking why you are dressed up?

I tell them that it's just my clothes. Nothing special. No long explanation of lolita or jfashion. 

"Are you a dancer?" "No, these are just my clothes."
"Are you going to a party?" "No, these are just my clothes."
"Is there an event?" "No, these are just my clothes."

What's your favorite compliment from a stranger?

I've only had compliments where strangers liked my outfit or that I was pretty. I can't say I have a favourite since it's all pretty similar.

What has been the strangest reaction from a member of the public?

At a casual mall meet, a stranger shouted 'PRETTY LADIES' or something similar to that from afar in a loud voice. I can't remember the exact words. It was very weird. I think the next time I went to the mall to get some groceries with my SO, someone with a very similar voice shouted 'WEDDING DRESS' at me. I wonder if it was the same person.

How do you deal with strangers that make you uncomfortable?

I pretend I don't hear them or that I don't know English. It works most of the time. The only time it didn't was when someone kept following me to ask me for a picture and I wasn't even wearing full lolita, just a few lolita items.

Do you allow strangers to take pictures of you?

In a group, yes. When I'm alone, no. I don't want to ruin the mood by stepping aside from group photos where everyone else has consented to have a photo taken. I don't like strangers taking photos of me in general. I think that's a good compromise, even though there must be a ton of unflattering photos of me somewhere in the world that I'll never see. If people somehow stumble upon those photos and use it to say snarky things about me, that's fine I guess.

Ultimate Lolita Fashion Quiz: Meetups


What was the first meet you attended?

I joined the local community mostly so I could get access to sales and swap meets. So of course, the first one I attended was a swap meet! It was really magical seeing so many items in person when I was only used to seeing whatever items I had bought myself.

Do you prefer a large comm or a smaller, more tight knit comm?

A smaller one is always better. It's better to get to know people more personally.

Do you participate in lolita communities in languages other than your native one? 

I wish my Chinese was more fluent so I could participate in Chinese communities. When I say Chinese, I really mean Mandarin and simplified Chinese. My first language is actually Cantonese although I'm not fluent in that either.

I'm just an outsider who follows accounts on Weibo so I can keep up with Chinese brand updates. I've picked up some of the terms Chinese lolitas use, so that's a start! Maybe I'll write another blog post about that once I think I've got enough terms to translate. First thing you should know is that a person who wears lolita is called lo娘. Google Translate English translates this to 'lo mother'.

How has your comm changed since you've joined the fashion?

I haven't really been paying much attention to notice any changes. I think by the time I joined, many of the older members were less active.

What is your goto meetup spot?

I don't think there's any one place in the city that's a goto spot. There are just so many options out there.

What is your dream meetup?

My dream would be to organize a really fancy tea party and fashion show. Can you imagine one of those fancy Angelic Pretty tea parties in Shanghai? I want something like that, but here in Canada. 

What's the farthest you've traveled for a meetup?

I've only gone to meetups in the same city or surrounding areas. The farthest would have been about a 1.5 hour trip each way on public transit.

What's a meetup you got planned for when gatherings are safe?

We had planned a spring picnic under the cherry blossoms but that got delayed because of the current pandemic situation. I hope we can turn that into a summer picnic if things get better here. I really wanted to make a cute dessert perfect for photos.

What's the weirdest thing that happened at a meetup?

I don't recall anything weird happening. Then again, I hardly go to meetups.

What's the weirdest or funniest concrit you have gotten? What is the best concrit you have received?

Combining these two questions together. I don't post myself online to get concrit nor do I ask for any in person. So unfortunately this question doesn't really apply to me. If I wear a coord that I know isn't great, I just wear different things next time.

Ultimate Lolita Fashion Quiz: Closet


What is the most popular brand in your wardrobe?

Angelic Pretty! Even my outerwear is Angelic Pretty. Here's a pie chart I made some time ago of my main pieces.

What are the most common motifs in your wardrobe?

Cats! And maybe flowers.

What are some of your dream print ideas?

I'm not a creative person. I just want more cats. Cats and flowers.

What is your favourite accessory?

These rabbit ear muffs from Baby are quite possibly my favourite. I was pining over these for years after first seeing them in a GLB for about 10 years or so and a (non-lolita) friend ended up gifting them to me. The one I have is from the first release so it doesn't look quite so rabbit shaped compared to the newer release. I want to collect all of them!

What is your favourite type of headpiece to wear in lolita?

I really love canotier style handbands but lately I've been getting into using ribbon hair clips. They don't really hurt my head as much as a headband and are perfect for casual coords.

Other than a petticoat, what is an item that every lolita must own?

Bloomers! I think they are really useful. I posted these reasons why on a recent Rufflechat post:

1. They prevent you from flashing people when going up some stairs.
2. They help hold up tights so they don't slide down.
3. They prevent thigh chafing if your thighs rub together when you walk.
4. They add poof to help a dying petticoat.
5. They protect you if a touchy stranger wants to lift up your skirt.

What's your favorite offbrand or indie piece?

It's probably this dress by Wheat House. I love it so much! I know people have had issues with the skirt cut, but I haven't had issues with my JSK.

Do you own more gold or silver jewelry?

Gold. A lot of sweet lolita pieces have gold details so I end up getting more gold jewellery.

What is one lolita "rule" that you like to break?

I like breaking the petticoat rule. For really casual pieces, adding a cotton underskirt and/or a pair of bloomers still gives some structure without the need for a petti.

What's your cheapest coord? What's your most expensive coord?

I guess I never really thought about this. All my clothes get equal treatment regardless of how cheap or expensive the pieces are. I will mix cheap blouses with my more expensive dresses or wear brand blouses with my cheaper dresses. I would like to try both extremes and update this question one day.

How do you launder your dresses?

Machine wash or handwash depending on the garment. Machine washed dresses go into a garment bag to protect it from snagging in the wash. Handwash is for the pieces I'm not certain about. Dry cleaning on the laundry tag is only a suggestion, not a requirement.

Do you think a lolita wardrobe can ever be complete?

Never! There's too many releases and not enough money in the world to ever 'complete' my wardrobe.

Ultimate Lolita Fashion Quiz: Style

Favorite brand?

Angelic Pretty

Whats your favorite color combination?

Pink x black x white

Do you focus on making your wardrobe cohesive?

Of course! Makes everything easier. Taking a look through my old wardrobe posts, it's easy to see where my focus is.

Who were your biggest noncelebrity lolita influences? (that is, someone who influenced your style but is not a youtuber, model, artist, etc.)

I don't really have anyone like that.

Do you let social media influence your coord decision?

I wear the clothes for myself. Social media is great for inspiration, but doesn't influence me otherwise.

What drew you to the substyles you wear?

I've always liked cute and girly things, so naturally, sweet was the right choice.

What is a substyle you wouldn't wear?

Qi lolita. I would rather wear hanfu lolita. 

What fashion were you involved in before you started wearing lolita? Did it influence your styling choices?

I wasn't really involved in any particular fashion style. I just liked wearing dresses and skirts, so it was easier to transition my wardrobe to lolita. My styling choices in general were informed by years of being on Gaia Online. Don't wear full sets. Match and balance colors.

How has your style change from when you first started wearing lolita to now?

It's a lot more toned down. I prefer wearing comfy coords to go out and run errands.

What is your goto coord?

I don't have a goto coord but I do have a goto dress that I coord similarly each time. This would be my Dramatic Rose JSK. 

What would you say is your most experimental coord?

I wore a cat eared beret with a chocolate skirt because the colors matched.

What's the weirdest or most unconventional thing you've used as inspiration for a coord?

I don't think I've ever been inspired by something weird?

What's a lolita style you'd like to wear but are otherwise to scared or broke to try?

I'd love to try one of those fancy tea party dresses with a matching bonnet. I'm scared to buy one because it's not versatile. I really adore this one from Elpress!

Have you expanded your interest in other J fashion outside of lolita?

I was briefly interested in otome and larme but haven't tried either.

Ultimate Lolita Fashion Quiz: Shopping


What is your dream piece?

I think I have dream piece(s) rather than a singular dream piece. I've acquired most of them already, including the ever so overrated Cat's Tea Party. One that I acquired early on in my lolita wearing history is Day Day Dream Carnival. Although I love cats, this one is still really precious to me.

Where do you buy most of your wardrobe from? (i e: lacemarket, direct from brands, etc)

Most of my wardrobe likely comes from Closet Child. I subscribe to their newsletter so I know when it gets updated everyday (and I'm still too late most of the time!). I want to start buying more items new directly from the brands. Supporting brands is such a nice feeling!

What was your best purchase?

My parasol(s). I use them all the time both in and outside of lolita. I use the black one a lot for rainy weather and while there is some wear and tear it still works really great!

What was your worst purchasing experience?

Buying a dress that is supposed to be new, but finding armpit stains on it and not being able to do anything about it because it was bought off a Japanese secondhand website. :(

What's the most expensive piece in your wardrobe? 

It is obviously Cat's Tea Party. But other than Cat's Tea Party? The Kitten & Tulip JSK from Meta. Along with the matching hair accessory, shipping, and customs, it cost nearly as much as Cat's Tea Party. It's really pretty when worn and I really wanted to support Meta, so it was completely worth it. Also, cats! But Meta, did you not know that tulips were toxic to cats when you designed this?

What's the best bargain brand that you own?

I got the Angelic Pretty A La Carte Tea Time JSK + Headbow + Boston Bag for under 8,000yen (not including shipping or shopping service fees). The only defect was a missing waist tie button, which was fixed by using the spare one on the tag.

What is the most interesting way you've acquired a piece in your wardrobe?

There are secondhand clothing shops on Rakuten that sometimes sell lolita. People don't think to check places like that.

Have you ever bought used socks? 

Yes, It was part of a set with an unused pair of socks I really wanted. Supposed to have only been tried on once but I washed it as soon as I got it. Used socks in general are pretty icky to me so I don't like doing it. It's why I put so much effort into looking for different sock options.

What is a dress that you're searching for, but have never seen again since release?

Twinkle Mermaid! At least, in the colorway I want. I was too young at the time of release to be able to buy things online. But I don't see it anywhere now. This ad for it from the GLB inspired younger me so much.

Has your coord ever been ruined by an incorrect stock picture, either in product itself or in colour?

Yes, of course! Have you ever tried matching ivory items when the stock pictures like to have a warm tinted filter on them? This is a new different hell compared to matching AP pinks.

What is something you regret buying?

Design replica shoes. I know that they aren't technically illegal, but if I were to attend a large event with the brand present, I would not want to wear those shoes. Since I fit into the range all shoe brands offer, I am lucky enough that I have unlimited options to get original design lolita shoes.

Have you ever bought a dress you knew a friend or comm member wanted to buy?

Nope! Unless they are also a cat-dress chan, the chances of that happening are low.

Ultimate Lolita Fashion Quiz: General Lolita

The Lolita Fashion Discord server is holding an event where we created the ultimate lolita quiz! I'm going to separate my answers into a few blog posts to make it easier to read. First post is general lolita questions.

When did you first see lolita?

I've always been saying that Rozen Maiden and ALI PROJECT introduced me to lolita, but actually, I think I first saw and recognized lolita on TV first? There was a local Chinese channel that had a feature of lolitas in Hong Kong. I feel like it may have been this video linked down below, but I can't be sure since it was so long ago.


What is your favourite lolita memory?

Hmm, I don't think I've been wearing it long enough to say that I have one. I generally wear it do errands and don't to go events or meets that much. Maybe one day!

Have you had any dreams about lolita?

I always dream of shopping for lolita. Sometimes I wake up and realize it was a dream and get sad.

What is the strangest thing you have done in lolita?

My life is really mundane so I haven't done anything out of the ordinary in lolita so far.

Do you match your room with your aesthetic?

Yes, of course! If I'm going to be buying cute things to wear, why not also surround myself with cute things in my room?

Is there such thing as a lolita “lifestyle”?

Yes, I definitely think so! I don't think it means only having lolita related interests. I think of it more as lolita fashion consuming your life. 

Wear other clothes when it's practical. Pursue the hobbies and dreams you want to do even if they are not kawaii. But at the core of it all, enjoy lolita fashion by wearing it and surrounding yourself with it in as many aspects of your life as possible. 

I think this quote by Novala Takemoto describes it well: "A princess is a princess even in a jersey." A lolita that needs to wear a uniform to work to support her lifestyle is still a lolita. 

To me, a lolita lifestyle is more a mindset rather than a strict set of rules for what qualifies as one. For a lolita lifestyle, lolita is what guides the aesthetic decisions a person makes in their life and it is a core part of who they are. This definitely does involves wearing the clothes whenever possible because it is what they want to wear the most. For a non-lolita lifestyle, lolita is just one tiny aspect of it and doesn't become much more than a passing interest in the long run.

Do you listen to "lolita music"?

When I was younger, I definitely used to, but not so much anymore. Ever since discovering Korean variety shows (not dramas), I've been listening to more kpop. I used to remember that I loved ALI PROJECT so much and got super excited when Arika Takarano (main singer) was in the Gothic & Lolita Bible. They are known for their darker songs being used as anime opening songs but I really liked their lighter and softer music.

What is your worst lolita memory?

The time I went out on my birthday weekend and lost the detachable waist bow of my newly acquired AP coat! I wanted to cry for several days and contemplated searching for it days later, even though I went to many places the day I lost it.

You can see there's a missing bow on the waist of this coat. Ahhhhh, the shame!

If you could make any lolita brand could do a collab with any brand, what would that collab be?

Angelic Pretty x Precure

What sort of lolita advice would you give to your younger self?

Just buy JSKs as your first few main pieces and not OPs. They are more forgiving if weight changes happen.

Lolita Wardrobe 2020


Another year, another wardrobe post~!

Disclaimer: I am terrible at taking photos! I tried to take wardrobe photos on at least 3 separate occasions and these managed to be the best of what I took that weren't too blurry. That's why the quality/background differs so much.