Lolita Wardobe 2019


It's wardrobe posting season! My own lolita wardrobe isn't very large, but I make sure that I adore each and every single piece in it. I put a lot of time and effort into searching for dream dresses everyday.

Onwards to the wardrobe~

Excuse the horrible quality. Canadian winter lighting is not kind.

Angelic Pretty Dolly Cat. The first Angelic Pretty dress I got! It is surprisingly very flattering with the 3/4 sleeves.

Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate. I thought of picking up chocolate prints and this showed up, so I bought it. I'm glad the era of Melty Chocolate replicas is over so I can wear this dress without someone thinking it's the replica.

Angelic Pretty Day Dream Carnival. The ultimate dream dress that's both comfy and absolutely gorgeous. Also super glad the era of Day Dream Carnival replicas is over. I was so worried about buying a replica. The built in petti/tulle lining makes it look very poofy even without an actual petti.

Angelic Pretty Magic Princess. There is glitter on this dress but it's so difficult to capture on camera. I can never understand why this print is so unpopular.

Angelic Pretty Princess Cat. I missed this dress twice on Closet Child over the past year (it even got stolen from my shopping cart the second time during checkout) so I just bought the next listing I saw pop up secondhand no matter the price. No regrets. It's mine now. Forever~

Angelic Pretty Romantic Cat. This is actually the grey colorway. The lavender is a brighter purple. Those looking for a cool lavender should get this dress in grey. This particular dress is listed as a sample item and the only difference I could see was that the ribbon tails on the straps aren't cut the same way.

Angelic Pretty Secret Rose Princess, Angelic Pretty Stella. I admit I rarely ever use these in lolita outfits. They are lolita skirts I wear casually to work or when I feel like dressing up and can't wear full lolita. I love jacquard and organdy so much.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty. I basically never use the detachable sleeves on the first two blouses.

织锦园/Brocade Garden (on Taobao) x2, Bodyline. I bought the Bodyline blouse because of the bunny ears! It definitely is not as high quality as my other blouses but it's too darn cute.

Cat Tea Party (on Taobao), Angelic Pretty, from Taobao. The pink Taobao cardigan is new and I hope to add a few ribbons to it. Not pictured here are also 2 basic H&M cotton cardigans in black and pink that I like to use very frequently. I'm so sad that the ones they sell now are not 100% cotton and they suck.

Haruhi Clover (on Taobao) x2, Forever 21 x2, Claires
Red Maria (on Taobao), Angelic Pretty x3
Angelic Pretty x3, Baby the Stars Shine Bright

The Forever 21 ivory headband is a rose that perfectly matches the ivory of Day Dream Carnival for some reason. They don't sell nice headbands anymore.

The Baby earmuffs were a gift. I fell in love with them when I first saw them in a Gothic & Lolita Bible over 10 years ago.

Sweet Dreamer (on Taobao). The bows have pins on them so I can mix and match them very easily with each beret. I haven't found a use for the pink ribbon barette though.

Most I don't remember or were bought locally. Wristcuffs from Bodyline, ring from Cat Tea Party (on Taobao), pastel star clips from Daiso. I also have a lot of other offbrand acessories that I use but it might be cheating to include it in a lolita wardrobe post since I don't specifically use it for lolita? I have a lot of chokers, ribbons, and earrings.

Diamond Honey (on Taobao) x2, Red Maria (on Taobao)
Sheep Puff (on Taobao) x2, Offbrand x2

This is my depressing socks collection. I really like how the lace pattern on the Diamond Honey socks are actually cat paws. Perfect for a cat dress collector.

Bodyline (?), replica offbrand
Replica offbrand, Cotton Candy Feet, replica offbrand

I really need to buy more original shoe designs. Not included are some of the shoe clips for the shoes.

Mu Fish (on Taobao), Berry Q (on Taobao). The heart and wings are detachable parts for the Mu Fish bag. The Berry Q bag has feet which are in the shape of hearts!

Whale Island (on Taobao). They have a lot of really cute parasols so I recommend checking them out. The pink one is strictly for sunlight in the summer and the black one I use almost everyday for rain.

Not pictured at all are an organdy cupcake petticoat from Dear Celine, an a-line petticoat from Aurora & Ariel, bloomers from Cat Tea Party, and a white underskirt from Taobao.

In the mail are the following:

Wheat House Plaid Cat and Angelic Pretty Cats Tea Party. Both are reservations due to be shipped out later this year.

My goals for my wardrobe in 2019 are:
- Buy an Usakumya! Along with the Baby earmuffs, this is something I've been wanting for years. I just need to justify spending so much on a bag that doesn't hold much of anything.

- Focus less on dream dress hunting and buy more solid main pieces I can wear to work but dress up for lolita. I have like, the opposite problem of many lolitas where I buy a lot of accessories instead of main pieces. I am extremely picky when it comes to deciding what main pieces to buy.

- Work on getting more socks and wristcuffs. I will need to figure out a way to make buying these individually easier on my wallet.

- Replace shoes with original designs from brands that sell on Taobao. There are many lolita shoe brands that the western lolita community has never heard of. I hope I can find a way to make them more well known so people don't think lolita shoes on Taobao are only limited to replicas.

- Find old school Baby pieces that fit me. Torchon lace is the best lace and I want the world to know. I got into lolita right around the transition between old school and modern styling so I want pieces from around this era too.

Thank you for reading!