The Infamous Hot Topic Dress


It's been a long time since the EGL Livejournal community was active. Since the move to Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram, I feel that some parts of the western lolita community history are lost. Newer lolitas won't know about some of the major events that have happened in the past, so I'll be doing a series of posts just on these kinds of things specifically.

First up - that Hot Topic dress. Yes, that one. Older lolitas will immediately know what I mean.

Way back in the early 2000s, lolita was not very accessible to the international community. Many Japanese brand shops did not ship overseas and there weren't any stores on Taobao selling lolita. People used shopping services to buy from brand, tried to find loliable things in western stores, risked their money buying from Chinese shops on eBay, or bought clothes from western indie lolita brands like In The Starlight.

Then... Hot Topic started selling an actual lolita dress!

I managed to find the Hot Topic page for it via the Wayback Machine.

There are also more pictures of the dress through sales listings for it here and here.

It appears to have been a mashup of some of Baby's designs. Like the Lace Frill JSK mixed with Millefeuille JSK.

I'm using the newer release stock photos because they are much larger.

Because Hot Topic was so accessible, many people bought this dress and talked about it endlessly. People got sick of hearing about it and seeing it so poorly coordinated just because it seemed like everyone owned one. There were also other loliable dresses released at this time, but none as iconic as this.

It's difficult to figure out when the first post was made about this dress, but I found a post talking about the dress here. The links to the supposed previous post about it are dead and I can't pull it up in the Wayback Machine either. However, this is enough to narrow this dress down to it being released in 2005.

I never owned it myself, but I kind of want to so I can have a little piece of lolita history.