Sosic Shop Review

Monday, July 16, 2018

I know a lot of lolitas enjoy ordering shoes from Sosic Shop on Taobao. It's apparently decent quality for a cheap price. So of course, I decided to order from them too! Although I normally use Taobaoring, I went with SuperBuy this time.

Unfortunately, as soon as I ordered, the shop slashed the price of the shoes. So I ended up paying more than necessary. :(

They came in the signature Sosic Shop shoe boxes, which were, of course, rip offs of Angelic Pretty ones.

The shoes themselves! I ordered replicas of Baby's antique ribbon shoes in pink (light powder as translated by Google) and Angelic Pretty's party glitter heels in gold.

SuperBuy unpacked the shoes for inspection, but they did a decent job of putting things back in the box.

First off, the pink shoes. I wanted a pair of lighter colored pink shoes. I avoided tea party shoes because I hated the round toe. This shoe has a rounder toe than expected, but doesn't look bad when worn.

When trying them on, they are actually super comfy! The inside is padded like stepping on clouds. It makes the shoe feel flimsier, but so much more comfortable. Although there's a heel, it feels more like a pair of flats. Breaking them in probably won't be difficult.

I ordered a size 36 and they are very true to size. The sole has some grip on it, so I wouldn't be afraid of wearing this on tiled floors.

As for the pink? It's a bit more of a purple pink rather than a peach pink. It matches Dolly Cat fairly well.

And total fail for Melty Chocolate. I'm still in search of cute peach pink colored shoes.

Onto the party glitter heels.

Gold shoes can be very very risk to buy. I didn't want to get something super glossy like some of Bodyline's worst gold shoes or something super yellow.

These shoes are... decent. I can't say I'm in love with them, but they aren't awful either. Unlike the original shoes, the bows aren't removable, but I much prefer it this way because then the bows can lie flat on the toe.

The gold is okay. I wish it was a bit more muted and closer to the color of the real ones by Angelic Pretty. But you can't really expect much from a replica.

It stands out a bit poorly on its own, but with the right balance of gold detailing, it doesn't look that bad.

In terms of fit, it also has the same padded inside as the pink shoes. However, because of the super thin heel, it makes walking in this feel a bit unstable.

The glitter also comes off very easily. I unpacked this in a black dress and there were glitter flakes on it by the end. Not a lot, but very noticeable specks. Hopefully it doesn't keep shedding excessively.

Would I buy from Sosic Shop again? Probably not. It's decent quality for the price, but something about them just feels a bit off.