The Many Styles of Casual Lolita


Recently, there's been some debate over this one question - what is casual lolita?

Some will argue that it consists of using more cutsews and salopettes, while someone else might say it's more about wearing comfortable lolita clothes with toned down prints. To that, I answer - it's both. Sort of.

Lolita is a fashion style where you can dress appropriately for pretty much almost every occasion. People tend to focus on the motifs used when considering this, but it's important to remember how casual or dressy the coordinate is too.

I've identified what I think are the varying categories of how casual lolita can be. Please keep in mind this is just an opinion.

All images taken off various parts of the internet. If I'm using one of your pictures and you don't want it here, please let me know!

Casual Lolita


Sorry for the poor name choice. With this kind of casual lolita, the most common identifiers are the heavy usage of cutsews, salopettes, mini skirts, parkas (aka lolita hoodies, idk why they are called parkas in this fashion), and sneakers.The look is a bit on the younger side and is usually worn in a sweet style, looking very close to fairy kei at times. Accessories can often be generic cute bows and jewelry found in common stores or from kawaii indie brands. I consider it like the lolita equivalent of a tshirt and jeans outfit.

Daily Lolita

I consider this a form of casual lolita worn by daily wearers of the fashion. It's lolita, but with a much more relaxed feel that looks like otome. It's basically what you get when incorporating lolita specific items into daily wear. There's minimalized poof, simpler prints, and more emphasis on fabric quality and materials. Shoes are more simple but stylish and practical. Parkas are replaced with cardigans and berets are more common. A lot of normal offbrand items from mainstream fashion shops are frequently used. I find this endearing as it embodies the feel that lolita is a lifestyle. It can be worn when running errands and even to work.

Standard Lolita

The cookie cutter definition of lolita. Everything you're told that makes up a lolita outfit is used here. Petticoat? Check. Blouse? Check. OP or JSK? Check. Just tick off all the checkmarks. I'm not sure how to describe it other than this. It's more difficult to wear everyday, but that doesn't stop people from trying.

OTT Lolita

Over the top lolita worn for special occasions. This takes standard lolita, which can seem boring to those already in the fashion, and goes crazy with trying to create the best outfit possible. Wigs are almost required. The dresses worn are more expensive and detailed. Skirts are hardly ever seen. JSKs and blouses or OPs are preferred. Sometimes props like wands, peignoirs, veils, and wings are used too. This style is used for tea parties, meetups, fashion shows, conventions, and maybe even weddings (as the bride hopefully). People outside the fashion will 100% look at this and call it a costume. Wearing this everyday would be like wearing a fancy prom dress to do grocery shopping.

Of course, there will definitely be some overlap between all of these. Lolita is bound by an aesthetic, not necessarily any rules. If it makes you happy, wear it!