Canada Post Flex Delivery Review

Friday, April 13, 2018

I signed up for it not too long ago since I was expecting a lot of packages. If you've browsed RFD or other sites, you'll notice there are a lot of reviews about people having bad experiences. But that's not the case anymore.

This is sort of relevant, as I think a lot of (Canadian) lolitas can benefit from having an improved shipping experience, and this will ease some of the pain of missing delivered packages.

1. Signing up

You first sign up for this through Canada Post's website.

It will ask for your name and address after registration. The online verification appears to be what matches up on your ID, otherwise you need to visit a post office to verify. I had troubles with this at first until I finally changed my address properly for my health card and provincial ID. Then I could verify online easily.

Once that's done, choose some location (or locations) and voila, a magical address is generated for you~!

2. Using the address

This is probably one of the biggest worries people have.

It works as a PO Box, essentially. If the package will be shipped through the postal system, great, it will work! This will work even with international packages because it'll end up in Canada Post's hands once it reaches Canada. I use it all the time for EMS packages from Japan.

If the package is delivered through a courier company such as DHL, FedEx, or something else, DO NOT USE THIS ADDRESS. You're setting yourself up for pain and suffering if you do this.

You'll notice that the address is also very long. Canada Post's website mentions splitting it into Address 1 and Address 2 boxes as shown on their image here:

credit: Canada Post (pls don't hurt me, I just want more people to use this service)

Some websites don't give you an address 2 option. This is okay. Depending on the merchant, try to make it fit somehow. When it gets a bit confusing, I enter the correct formatting of the address in the notes section of the order, just to make it more legible.

3. Tracking

Woo, your package has shipped! Hopefully you chose tracking.

There are lots of sites to track from, but I recommend Canada Post's website because you'll see all the different features and more useful information about what's happening to the package.

If there's Flex Delivery involved, you'll actually see it appear as part of the features, like so:

It may not appear right away. This was a package shipped EMS from Japan. The Flex Delivery option only showed up after it got through customs and was processed a few times in Canada. I imagine if it's a package shipped across Canada, it'll likely be the same. It'll appear near the end of tracking when they try to sort out where it goes.

I recommend checking out their app if you shop online often. It's pretty neat because if you copy a tracking number and open the app, it'll automatically detect it and ask if you want to add it to the app. Super cool.

4. Picking it up

The best and final part of a package's destination is when it finally ends up in your hands.

Whether you have a tracking number or not, you will still receive an email notification when it's ready.

Actually picking up a Flex Delivery package isn't actually that much different from any other package. You go to the post office you signed up to delivery packages to, show the tracking code, show your ID, and it's now yours.

See, that wasn't that simple?