Cotton Candy Feet Review


I know at least one anonymous person out there wants to know more about Cotton Candy Feet's quality. I decided to order a pair to wear with my Magic Princess OP. Glitter shoes for a glitter dress, right?

These are the Shiny Unicorn Queen shoes. They were $65 USD and I paid for DHL shipping to Canada, so the total came out to $102 USD. The currency conversion to CAD really hurt.

I tried using some promo codes too, but they were all expired.

Order Placed - January 20, 2018 (Saturday)
Order Shipped - February 9, 2018 (Friday)
Order Arrived - February 13, 2018 (Tuesday)

True to their word it does take 10-15 business days for the shoes to be made. I contacted them around February 6th since I hadn't heard anything for a while and wanted to make sure I placed the order properly. They were super nice and responded in a few hours telling me my shoes were being made.

Instead of DHL, they shipped using FedEx, which I didn't really mind. The shoes they came in their own Cotton Candy Feet shoe box, but I had to toss it immediately. It came wrapped in one of those plastic bags for shipping and when I opened it, the part where it was sealed tore open a gigantic line across the length of the box - rendering it useless.

It still comes with its own drawstring bag though. This is what it's being placed on top of in the pictures.

As far as how I like the shoes, they are comfy, although I can see there are some minor flaws with how the sole is attached.

I love the shape of the toe as it looks really elegant. I wanted something with a low heel like tea party shoes, but without the ugly rounded toe.

The manual buckles are kind of annoying, but I'm lazy and can manage to leave 1-2 of them already strapped when I take off or put on the shoe.

One thing that really bugs me though, is why are the loops to hold the ankle straps are so large? I normally have trouble with ankle straps in general since the tightest setting is never tight enough for my ankles. With the back loops like this, the bow on the ankle strap doesn't line up properly most of the time.

Oh, and does it actually match Magic Princess? Sort of. It's close enough and I would definitely wear it together with the dress.

I know my lighting is bad and I hope you don't look too closely at the reflections but I hope this helps~