Ultimate Lolita Fashion Quiz: Opinions

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

What is your lolita pet peeve?

Newbies asking where to buy lolita or people promoting DevilInspired. It's hard to say which is more annoying. I hate when people expect everything to be spoonfed to them.

If you could name the fashion anything else what would you call it?

I would still call it lolita. I think that we should reclaim this word by popularizing lolita fashion. When we say lolita, I want people to automatically think of lolita fashion. It might be impossible, but I want to dream.

Is “oldschool” actually a useful term, or is it just an arbitrary descriptor for our conception of what lolita used to be, as opposed to what lolita actually was?

I think it's a useful descriptor for the older lolita style before all the innovations transformed the fashion into what it is today. Baby the Stars Shine Bright likes to re-release their classical items from time to time. I would still consider those items old school. I don't think it matters how old the garment is as long as it looks old school.

What are thoughts on mixing other jfashions with lolita (ex. menheralolita, morilolita, fairylolita)?

Is larme lolita a thing? I think it's natural to mix other styles and fashions with lolita. It is a fashion that lends itself well to being mixed with different themes.

What do you think about mixing drag with lolita?

I'm not a fan of it. I won't stop people who do it if that's how they want to express themselves. Just like how people wear lolita because they want to, people should do drag if that's what they want to do. I just won't be the one giving them likes on social media.

What one lolita fad would you delete from existence?

Flowers crowns with madonna spikes/horns/antlers. I can handle split wigs, peignoirs, scepters, and all that other fancy stuff, but there's something about really bad flower crowns that gets to me.

What do you think will be a fad in the future?

Idol style lolita. Chinese brands are releasing items in this type of style recently. Girlism has written an article about this idol lolita trend~!

I wonder if it will also gain popularity because of Xie Anran's appearance on Produce Camp 2020. She is wearing an Angel's Heart set in the audition performance, which has gotten a lot more attention now. There was also a video where she showed off some of her pieces and she has also loaned her pieces to others on the show.

What's something you'd like to see change in the lolita community?

I'd like to see people have more respect for Chinese lolita brands. They are also indie designers. There are hundreds and hundreds of these brands out there.

Because of the language barrier, people dismiss them or think lesser of them. It doesn't help when there are various resellers out there who will not name the brand of their products and people who support resellers without acknowledging that the reseller is just that - a reseller. A reseller is not a brand. It's a shop reselling items made by other people.

These other people - the designers, work hard to perfect their items. Check the Weibo account of these brands. You will see that many will post progress photos and samples of new releases, asking for feedback from their fans. They will change things if something ends up not working and post important updates and information about their releases. I've seen washing tests for dresses, bag capacity tests for purses, and durability tests for socks. They care a lot about the things they make.

These designers and their brands deserve the recognition and respect for what they contribute to the lolita community.

How do you feel about /cgl/?

Since it is an anonymous imageboard, you don't really know who is posting there unless the person posts their own personal information there. I'll explain how I feel based on the types of people I think make posts there.

1. Crossboarders/trolls/LARPers
They will troll and try to create drama where there is none. Trolling is fun. Being anonymous makes it even more fun. It doesn't really matter if the person wears lolita or not. It's better to ignore these people because the things they post are designed to get a reaction out of people. Don't feed the troll. But people are stupid and do it anyways.

2. Insecure people 
When people think of /cgl/ they think it's a group of anonymous people who like to gossip and say mean things about others behind their backs.

That's where this group of people come in. They are insecure people who post mean and often cruel things anonymously to feel better about themselves. They want to feel superior in some way. Their twisted thoughts now have a free area to roam in. They will fat shame others and call others ita. They will post people to the ita threads and drop wrongful accusations and gossip to stir up drama. Their thoughts are incoherent and they don't seem to understand that some of the things they say are ridiculous. 

Who are these people exactly? Sometimes they will post images with identifying information by accident. You can see that they are no better than what they are accusing other people of. Someone accusing others of being fatty-chans can be an obese person who can't dress themselves. A person posting others to the ita thread actually has really bad makeup and coords. They are making up for their shortcomings by trying to take down others. 

It doesn't matter if they wear lolita or not. The anonymous nature of the board allows their true feelings to be heard. These feelings can be ugly and filled with jealousy and hate but it is how they feel. There's nowhere to express it without judgement aside from an anonymous imageboard.

3. Knowledgeable people
/cgl/ is one of the few public places to participate in discussions on lolita that doesn't have a high barrier to entry. In a way, I feel that this makes it easier for people to contribute to a wealth of knowledge. The Taobao guide is extremely helpful and so are posts about current lolita events. With most of the English speaking community on Facebook, everything is locked down inside small groups. There's post approval and rules for each group to keep things on topic. It's just not an environment that cultivates information sharing since there are specific groups for specific topics. I feel that the people who share their knowledge on /cgl/ are unfairly grouped with the insecure people mentioned above.

4. Just another place people
As touched upon earlier, /cgl/ is a low barrier place to participate in lolita discussions. For many, it's just one of many places on the internet for lolita. They don't use it necessarily for the bad reasons. It's just a place where they can discuss lolita without the private communities and their rules in place that restrict free discussion.

With all that said, I don't post on /cgl/. However, I do recognize that it is a valuable resource in some ways. I learned how to buy things off Taobao by carefully reading their Taobao guide and looking through their shop list.

One recent trend on Facebook is lolita tag groups. They will be quick to post anything that steps out of line yet also condemn /cgl/ as a bad place to be. Are they really that much better than the worst of /cgl/?

Do you hate Die Walkure?

I like it. It's a beautiful set. I remember when it was released and the drama surrounding it that caused Meta to pull the series. People are sensitive to military themes and will be quick to say it is glorifying Nazis or war. This also happened very famously with Lyre Ivy's dress of cats in military uniforms. It will always be an issue with military sets, regardless of what the intention behind the design may be.

Have you ever seriously considered leaving the fashion, and if so, why?

I think every lolita has thought about this. I wondered for myself, is it worth it to spend so much money on a hobby like this? I think I'm ugly and find it hard to look at photos of myself. What's the point of dressing up if I am ugly and can't even look at myself in the mirror properly without focusing on all my flaws?

Some people are pressured with the need to impress on social media and keep up with new releases. Some cannot find dresses that are comfortable and think it doesn't suit them. There are newbies who are so afraid of getting concrit that they end up leaving because they think lolitas are meanies. And there are those that have just found a different way of dressing that they like better.

No matter the reason, it's important to reflect back on what made you join the fashion. What was the point in your life that made you decide 'I want to be a lolita!' and gave you the courage to wear it with pride? I think knowing the answer to this can help decide if it is worth it to continue.

For me, the reason why I started was because I wanted to do something for myself. Something that I could say I did only for myself and not because someone wanted me to. Lolita is an expression of the things I enjoy and wearing it makes me feel like who I truly am. Even if the communities and brands were to die, even if no one is able to see me, even if everyone hates me, I would still wear lolita.


And this concludes the quiz! I was inspired by the old Novala Takemoto writings while I wrote this. I hope it was interesting to read. 🐇


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Ultimate Lolita Fashion Quiz: Random Encounters

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

What is your favorite response to randoms asking why you are dressed up?

I tell them that it's just my clothes. Nothing special. No long explanation of lolita or jfashion. 

"Are you a dancer?" "No, these are just my clothes."
"Are you going to a party?" "No, these are just my clothes."
"Is there an event?" "No, these are just my clothes."

What's your favorite compliment from a stranger?

I've only had compliments where strangers liked my outfit or that I was pretty. I can't say I have a favourite since it's all pretty similar.

What has been the strangest reaction from a member of the public?

At a casual mall meet, a stranger shouted 'PRETTY LADIES' or something similar to that from afar in a loud voice. I can't remember the exact words. It was very weird. I think the next time I went to the mall to get some groceries with my SO, someone with a very similar voice shouted 'WEDDING DRESS' at me. I wonder if it was the same person.

How do you deal with strangers that make you uncomfortable?

I pretend I don't hear them or that I don't know English. It works most of the time. The only time it didn't was when someone kept following me to ask me for a picture and I wasn't even wearing full lolita, just a few lolita items.

Do you allow strangers to take pictures of you?

In a group, yes. When I'm alone, no. I don't want to ruin the mood by stepping aside from group photos where everyone else has consented to have a photo taken. I don't like strangers taking photos of me in general. I think that's a good compromise, even though there must be a ton of unflattering photos of me somewhere in the world that I'll never see. If people somehow stumble upon those photos and use it to say snarky things about me, that's fine I guess.


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Ultimate Lolita Fashion Quiz: Meetups

Monday, June 1, 2020

What was the first meet you attended?

I joined the local community mostly so I could get access to sales and swap meets. So of course, the first one I attended was a swap meet! It was really magical seeing so many items in person when I was only used to seeing whatever items I had bought myself.

Do you prefer a large comm or a smaller, more tight knit comm?

A smaller one is always better. It's better to get to know people more personally.

Do you participate in lolita communities in languages other than your native one? 

I wish my Chinese was more fluent so I could participate in Chinese communities. When I say Chinese, I really mean Mandarin and simplified Chinese. My first language is actually Cantonese although I'm not fluent in that either.

I'm just an outsider who follows accounts on Weibo so I can keep up with Chinese brand updates. I've picked up some of the terms Chinese lolitas use, so that's a start! Maybe I'll write another blog post about that once I think I've got enough terms to translate. First thing you should know is that a person who wears lolita is called lo娘. Google Translate English translates this to 'lo mother'.

How has your comm changed since you've joined the fashion?

I haven't really been paying much attention to notice any changes. I think by the time I joined, many of the older members were less active.

What is your goto meetup spot?

I don't think there's any one place in the city that's a goto spot. There are just so many options out there.

What is your dream meetup?

My dream would be to organize a really fancy tea party and fashion show. Can you imagine one of those fancy Angelic Pretty tea parties in Shanghai? I want something like that, but here in Canada. 

What's the farthest you've traveled for a meetup?

I've only gone to meetups in the same city or surrounding areas. The farthest would have been about a 1.5 hour trip each way on public transit.

What's a meetup you got planned for when gatherings are safe?

We had planned a spring picnic under the cherry blossoms but that got delayed because of the current pandemic situation. I hope we can turn that into a summer picnic if things get better here. I really wanted to make a cute dessert perfect for photos.

What's the weirdest thing that happened at a meetup?

I don't recall anything weird happening. Then again, I hardly go to meetups.

What's the weirdest or funniest concrit you have gotten? What is the best concrit you have received?

Combining these two questions together. I don't post myself online to get concrit nor do I ask for any in person. So unfortunately this question doesn't really apply to me. If I wear a coord that I know isn't great, I just wear different things next time.


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